Drawing to print

I’ve turned another drawing into a print, this time I’m more pleased with the result, which is a bit of a colourfest for me.



I started with the drawing above and did four layers of colour, each a blended roll from light to darker at the front.


I also tried to use cooler colours blues and purples in the distance and warmer yellows, oranges and browns in the foreground. I’ve missed the second step out. The third is below.


And here is the fourth and last.



It’s a bit odd-looking, and I’m not so happy with the blobby cutting in the trees, but overall I’m enjoying the oddness.

Mixing colours


I spent some time today using my Caligo Safewash printmaking inks like paints, mixing greens, browns and golds from warm or cold blues, reds and yellows, with the aim of building up charts of of colour mixes I can refer to.

It quickly became bewildering, so not sure if it’ll work, but I quite liked the look of the bits of cartridge paper I mixed the colours on.