.Versions 1 and 3. Two packs of 10 cards = 20 cards

(64 customer reviews)



Each card comes with a good quality envelope. Free delivery to your UK address.

The cards are 14.8cm by 10.4cm and are printed on high quality, heavyweight 380gsm, Forestry Stewardship Council approved card. They are blank inside.

The 20 images are a mix of portrait and landscape-shaped.

I’ve phased out plastic in my packaging. These packs of cards are bound with paper bands and I use paper tape on the envelopes.


64 reviews for .Versions 1 and 3. Two packs of 10 cards = 20 cards

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  1. Katie (verified owner)

    I`m So Delighted with the Quality of the prints. They are Beautiful and I will be being very selective over who receives these Stunning Images.

  2. Joy

    Fellow tree lover, this is not my first purchase of your super quality cards, which as always arrived quickly. Thank you.

  3. Ruth (verified owner)

    This was my second lot of cards. The cards and envelopes are of very high quality, and robustly packaged. And, of course, the prints are fabulous. They’re suitable for any age, gender or occasion, including those difficult ones such as condolences or people you don’t know well, and the only dilemma is which ones you can bear to part with!

  4. Jo

    Very beautiful cards and very high quality printing. I have admired your art from afar for a while and I suspect these are just a stepping stone towards a larger purchase! They were sent well packaged and quickly. Very pleased thank you!

  5. Celia (verified owner)

    This is at least the 3rd time I’ve bought these cards. I Hand them out like sweets! Everyone loves them.

  6. Celia (verified owner)

    The best: real quality and very speedy delivery.

  7. Celia Kilner (verified owner)

    Excellent images, excellent product & and sent excellently quickly. My second batch….

  8. Claire B-W (verified owner)

    Beautiful beautiful cards. I first bought a few at the Yorkshire Arboretum, Castle Howard in 2023. I think every person who received one from me has commented on how much they liked it. Hence I’ve bought 20 more. Ideal for practically any occasion. Not only beautiful but great quality too. Richard is obviously very skilled to create such delicate pictures from vinyl flooring! Brilliant.

  9. Rachel (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards for all occasions, fast reliable delivery & a lovely thank you email from Richard!

  10. Helen (verified owner)

    Gorgeous designs and really high quality production. This is my second purchase as I liked these cards so much.

  11. Laura Ratcliffe (verified owner)

    These are such beautiful cards. Each one feels a magical window looking out onto a setting sky.

    Almost too special to write on and post away!

  12. Sara (verified owner)

    Just placed a repeat order for the double pack after receiving one of the cards from a discerning friend. I’m also eyeing the prints.

  13. Rosemary Mackinnon (verified owner)

    These beautiful cards arrived today. I’ve bought some as gifts before but will keep a set for myself this time.

  14. Judy King (verified owner)

    Oh my- I am SO delighted that a friend gave me one of your cards and that I looked you up! The cards I have now bought are worthy of being framed and displayed – they are breathtaking.
    The images themselves are stunning but the quality of the reproduction and the envelopes are superb.
    If you’re looking for a gift for a friend then look no further.
    I’m now saving up to buy the print of Renewal to hang on a wall – something else that I already love will have to come down to make space for it but this is beyond stunning.
    Richard- you are so talented- thank you

  15. Felicity (verified owner)

    I’ve been eyeing these prints up for ages and they really are beautiful designs and great quality cards.

  16. Sue Mabberley (verified owner)

    Gorgeous cards. Beautifully presented, expertly packaged and very promptly delivered. I will be ordering more.

  17. Alison Glennie (verified owner)

    Beautiful, atmospheric cards, suitable for any occasion. I received one at Christmas last year and kept it to find out its origin. I’ve had a few delightful back and forth emails with the artist. The delivery was quick and the green packaging a plus. Look forward to following Richard’s work and replenishing my stock when I have used the two packages I’ve just bought – but of course will keep my favourite ones to use as bookmarks!

  18. Anna (verified owner)

    just beautiful! i really struggle to find notelets i like, so i bought 2 packs!

  19. Dr Peter J Herbert (verified owner)

    I always look for lino print for my cards, if possible. These are easily the best. Beautifully made and packaged. Thank you, Richard.

  20. Sarab (verified owner)

    Truly beautiful cards.

    Super prompt service as well.

    Definitely a good value buy!

  21. Diane Brown

    Absolutely gorgeous cards! I’m looking forward to using them for multiple occasions.

  22. Anthony Adams (verified owner)

    Really lovely well made cards. I like the colours and the patterns – makes them quite distinctive.

    Delivery came next day in a well packaged envelope.

    Good value and high quality – will order again when needed.

  23. John Woodman (verified owner)

    Quite simply exquisite, and superb quality. I will certainly be ordering again.

  24. Jane Clement (verified owner)

    Unusual and beautiful cards, ideal for many different occasions.
    My second purchase.

  25. Shalla Gray (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards, quickly delivered and well packaged. I’ve kept my favourites, and reluctantly given some to my favourite people! Very good value for money too.

  26. caroline marshman (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards, beautifully wrapped arrived promptly and safely. I am delighted . Tho whether I shall give any away remains to be seen! Thank you

  27. Catherine Scallon (verified owner)

    As has been said in many reviews, these cards are almost too beautiful to give away. However, they are perfect for any occasion and the recipients absolutely love them. I’m on my third pack, but avoid sending my favourite designs, except to special people. They are also a bargain compared to high street shops, especially for something so unique.

  28. Cathy Foster (verified owner)

    The cards are special. Not only are they beautiful, but they are of superb tactile quality.
    A treat to send, and I hope, a treat to receive.

  29. Fiona Weir (verified owner)

    Gorgeous cards; like other reviewers, I decided they were far too nice to send them all to other people so have mounted some in a frame and they’re on the wall!

  30. Vicky Bush (verified owner)

    Wonderful prints on good quality card. Despatched promptly.

  31. Rachel (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards, excellent quality. The challenge will be parting with them!

  32. Claire (verified owner)

    Beautifully simple and excellent quality. Delighted with these cards.

  33. Anne (verified owner)

    These have just arrived! Perfectly packaged, great quality and promptly delivered… but the real joy is in the images of the cards themselves! I have purchased Richard’s cards before and found some of them too beautiful to part with. This collection is even more lovely so I can see myself definitely reordering again very soon!

  34. Amanda (verified owner)

    Perfectly beautiful quality cards extremely well packaged, really like the paper packaging too heaps better than cellophane or plastic. Prompt delivery and comms. Altogether lovely.

  35. Nicola King (verified owner)

    Beautiful designs, excellent quality cards, speedy delivery, great service. The only problem will be bringing myself to send them to other people!

  36. Brenda Castle (verified owner)

    Received my printed cards which were beautifully packaged. The prints are just lovely and I intend on framing 4 of my favourites and mounting them on my wall. Perfect!

  37. Cathy T (verified owner)

    Stunning cards – such beautiful work, refined, lovely colours – wish I could own some of the originals! I shall have to make do with these for the time being. Arrived really quickly as well. Thank you.

  38. Heather McCombie (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning set of cards. Each image is perfect in its own individual way, and creates a particular mood and emotion… Detail is fantastic, and the colours perfectly complement the image and composition. I have bought these cards before and find them suitable for sending for many different occasions. Very highly recommended, and an inspiration to take my own meagre printmaking skills a little further!

  39. Louise (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards, very good quality and delivered promptly.
    Love trees and really appreciate the detail in Richard’s linocuts. I think I’ll be keeping quite a few of these for myself!

  40. Celia L

    This will be the second order I have made for these beautiful cards. They give great pleasure when I receive them, and great pleasure to send. I even gave my 10 year old grandson one with a gift, and he remarked on the lovely card.

    Treat yourself, great quality and Richard has amazing skills.

  41. Julie Gay (verified owner)

    Lovely unique cards.
    Wonderful designs.
    Great quality.
    Prompt delivery.
    Excellent value.
    Fantastic customer service.
    Great to support a small independent business any day.

  42. Anne Webster (verified owner)

    Gorgeous cards, really lovely designs and colours. Very good quality card and envelopes. They arrived very quickly and what a bargain! Highly recommend.

  43. Annie Day

    Just love these beautiful cards and so does everyone I send them too! So much more satisfying to send something more original

  44. Margaret Mills (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase. Love these cards and the attention to fine detail. Good quality paper. Great value for money. Far better than mass produced cards.

  45. Kate T (verified owner)

    Stunning….so beautiful…been trying to work out why they move me so much….I think they really resonate with me because I see so many similarities between what I see in the early morning and the winter evenings when I am out at the moment and these amazing Lino cuts… plus I appreciate how much work goes into creating something so stunning….. I love the red fields too…. This is the earth I see…and I love it and their images…

  46. Nohline Ruff

    These cards are really lovely. The actual Lino cut prints are very stylish and the colour palette is smart.
    Good quality card and envelopes all contribute to a set of cards that will be a pleasure to send and receive. My pack of cards arrived , well packaged, pretty quickly too. Recommended

  47. Julie (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards. Excellent quality materials.

  48. Sharon (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards of unique designs. Great quality. Fast delivery. Really pleased with them.

  49. Oonagh O’Brien (verified owner)

    Like others my recent order of cards is not my first. I just love these beautiful cards- its almost hard to send them to other people! At some point I will save up for a bigger print but for now these give me so much pleasure. They are so reminiscent and beautifully made and reproduced. Somehow they seem right for every occaision.

  50. Sue Brown (verified owner)

    The cards are beautiful, makes me want to wander the fields and hedges and see the trees.

    Good quality card and envelope, wonderful images; fast and efficient delivery and the final bonus, perfectly wrapped. The personal touch made the whole ordering process friendly. Was a pleasure to shop with you and I will enjoy sending each card out. Thank you

  51. Patrick Ryan (verified owner)

    I had A Birthday Card Design by Richard and was so impressed at the stunning work of the carving and printing I purchased some of his cards. Just fantastic a real artist in every way.
    Thank You

  52. Corinne Duhig (verified owner)

    I can’t resist these cards: every occasion, they are the ones I choose to send.

    There is something about the images that is more than just beautiful — they work a kind of magic to take me (and the recipients) to that place and that time, that quality of light, that majesty of trees.

    Richard, you are brilliant!

    (Also like the green packaging)

  53. Joanne (verified owner)

    This is the second set of cards I have purchased. Richard’s work is so beautiful. Everyone that I give a card to absolutely loves them.

  54. Jane Fox (verified owner)

    These cards are gorgeous. Not only is the quality of the cards & envelopes excellent, the prints are exquisite & really capture the beauty of trees. Richard is very talented. This is the second lot I’ve purchased. The risk now is sending the same card to somebody twice!

  55. Charlotte Mackie (verified owner)

    Cards arrived promptly in no plastic packaging! A lovely selection, I use them for every occasion and am going to use them for my Xmas cards this year. All recipients remark on how lovely they are. I’ve even framed one! Can’t emphasise how useful and lovely they are!

  56. Judy Haslam-Jones (verified owner)

    I am delighted with the cards. Might keep them myself rather than sending them.So beautiful, and great packaging with no cellophane or polythene.

  57. Sandra (verified owner)

    Beautiful high quality cards very reasonably priced
    Ordered a pack of ten earlier in the year now ordered another 20
    Prompt delivery, polite service, direct from talented artist

  58. Sarah Burnley (verified owner)

    This is the second time I have bought the set. This time I plan to keep a few back for myself! Excellent quality and superb designs.

  59. Nicky Akehurst (verified owner)

    Fantastic imagery, and the quality of the cards is just as good…
    You almost do not want to use them.
    Personally I would like to see them larger, but I do appreciate that means more by way of costs.
    I look forward to seeing your future work.
    Thank you!

  60. Josie Taylor (verified owner)

    The cards came so quickly, ordered late Friday, arrived this morning. But more to the point, the images are magical, Richard! Even better to see them close up, so glad I sent for the 2 pack offer. The trees remind me of Sunday hikes in the Lincolnshire wolds as a child, seeing them silhouetted against the sky. Thank you so much!

  61. Wendy Clavel (verified owner)

    Beautiful, quality cards that are almost too good to send.
    Family and friends will receive a mini work of art! Lucky people.

  62. Liz E

    These cards are truly stunning and evoke memories of wonderful walks across and around Dartmoor. Amazing artistry and craftsmanship. I can’t wait for friends and family to appreciate them too when I send them for special occasions.

  63. Lizzie Orange (verified owner)

    I have just received 2 packs of these beautiful cards – they are exquisite and even in this scaled down size are so evocative and alive. Looking forward to sending them and working up to buying a print.
    Thank you so much. Lizzie

  64. Sasa J (verified owner)

    I can’t be the only person starting my Christmas shopping early in a bid to outrun the cost of living crisis as best I can (am I?!?!). Yes, it’s only August, but I’ve just bought this double pack of Richard’s cards because I thought some of them would make excellent and unusual Christmas cards, and the rest are for the card stash that I always have for those moments when I want to send a card and am so glad I’ve already got some decent ones to hand and don’t have to stomp off to the shops (I’m lazy). Richard’s cards are just as beautiful and the colours just as vibrant as they appear on the website, and they arrived with high quality white envelopes, and safely packaged in plastic-free wrapping, which was also much appreciated – not to mention the great value for money, whether you are buying the double pack like I did, or just one pack of 10. I can highly recommend these fab cards, and once I get through this stash I will definitely be buying again.