On The Edge of The World

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I made this unframed original print a long time ago, but never produced a proper edition. I love its shape. I’ve changed the colours and edited a little and printed the first batch of an edition of 100. It makes me think of looking through the trees at the edge of a wood at sunset, and somehow reminds me what a thin crust of soil sustains us.

Image size: approx 44.5cm x 14cm

Paper size: approx 53cm x 24.5cm

To make it fit in the window for this website I’ve had to shrink it down quite a bit, so do check the dimensions. It’s probably not as small as you think. 

1 review for On The Edge of The World

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  1. David

    I was the fortunate recipient of this for Christmas and have recently had it professionally framed. It’s a lovely print, the stark trunks and branches complemented by the gentle colour wash in the background. I imagine it’s a view through a winter hedgerow towards the sunset, after the sun has disappeared below the horizon. It looks great with a simple mount and a plain, black wooden frame. Lovely.