I Have Lived A Thousand Storms

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This unframed, original print is one of an edition of 135, each one printed by me, by hand, using lightfast Cranfield printmaking inks. It’s on almost a full sheet of 250gsm Somerset Satin paper, made at St Cuthbert’s Mill, Wells.

Approximate dimensions: Image, 60cm x 40cm; On paper 70cm x 51cm.

I pass this beautifully spreading, mature oak tree often. It’s unusually wide and has reached the point in its life where its bottom limbs are almost touching the ground. I love its shape. It’s clearly hundreds of years old.

I called the print I’ve Lived a Thousand Storms because I see the tree as a survivor. In winter storms howl up or down the valley, but none have felled it yet.

3 reviews for I Have Lived A Thousand Storms

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  1. Jeni (verified owner)

    The print was even better than I imagined! Truly a stunning image. I can’t wait to put it on my wall!

  2. Cat (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning.
    Was meant to be gifting this beautiful linocut tree but don’t think I can part with it!

    • Richard Shimell

      Thanks Cat! I’m glad you like it. You can always get them something else! Thanks for leaving a review.

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    This is a stunning piece of art, very detailed lino print of the first order and highest quality. I bought a print for a Christmas gift, but have to keep getting it out to have a sneaky look at it. Just beautiful.

    • Richard Shimell

      That’s so kind of you Sara. Thank you!