Large handmade books take forever to make

I’ve finally got around to finishing four large books – roughly A4 with 40 pages of 300gsm acid free cartridge paper. They’re intended as luxury journals, memento books or sketchbooks.

I tore all the paper by hand to give as many nice torn edges as possible, grouped them into sections then sewed them on to book cloth.



I made covers for the books from board with a book cloth and card spine and fitted prints to front and back, glued and folded the edges inside.



Then I stuck the sewn pages into the covers, laboriously filled in the spaces on the inside of the front and back covers with paper and fitted a clean piece on top to cover the workings.

Then I put them in a press. First they went in one I made up myself.


Then they went into a book press at the Darlington Bookbindery, where I’ve been learning from the wonderful Mary Bartlett.

Finally, I had four books with prints on front and back. Now I have to put a price on them.




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