More handmade books


I’ve improved the method. On the plus side the books hold together better and are stronger and neater. On the negative, they still take a long time to make, even when I do several of the same size at the same time. For each book Somerset paper is torn by hand  into 15 pieces, which are then folded and smoothed flat with a bone folder. They are carefully sewn together on to an inner spine of bookcloth. Boards are cut for the covers with bookcloth cut to fit between and hold them together, then two prints are cut to fit front and back. A liquid wax-like coating is then brushed on to the print to protect it.


4 thoughts on “More handmade books

  1. Your work is inspiring! I am a printmaker, educator and book artist with strong drawing background. I have begun combining my love of printmaking with the book arts. What is the wax like substance you coat your cover prints with? What kind of paper do you print on for the covers? Thank you for sharing. I look forward to future work.


    1. Thanks Tinameri. I’ve been using something called acrylic wax, which I ordered from an art shop in Manchester called Fred Aldous. It says on the pot it’s an acrylic medium which dries to a wax-like finish. It’s the consistency of thick cream and goes on with a paint brush. I do two coats. I use reject prints or proofs which are printed on either Somerset 250gsm or cartridge of about the same gsm.i hope that helps.


  2. Hmmm… I will have to see what I can find here in the U.S. the acrylic medium s we have dry with a slight tack to them and we need to spray them with an acrylic clear coat. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience! I look forward to keeping up with your work. Thanks again~Tinameri


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